About Me

4First of all, thanks for checking out my blog!

I really appreciate it, even if you clicked on it by mistake or you’re just passing through.

It means a lot!

My name’s Scott and I’m soon to be an Unlocked Graduate having recently completed my undergraduate economics degree at the University of East Anglia.

In this role, I’ll be working with some of the UK’s most vulnerable young offenders whilst they’re in custody to help prepare them for a positive life on the outside.

(At least that’s the aim!)

As for this blog, it began back in 2015 as a way for me to keep in touch with my family and friends during my 10 weeks of solo travel around South-East Asia.

I found myself but got lost on the way home…

*Dad jokes are on me!*

Since then, my blog has seen countless theme changes, designs, redesigns, and plenty of variety in the things I post about.

At the moment, I’m really enjoying writing book reviews on the things I’ve been reading. It helps me keep track of interesting ideas and forces me to pick out key lessons.

So pretty selfish reasons to be honest!

In the not-so-distant future, I may be representing Unlocked as one of their social bloggers where I’d be sharing what it’s like to work inside a custodial/prison environment.

I’m also thinking about writing more personable posts about things I’ve been mulling over for the past few years since being at university…

This would be completely alien to me though so I’m undecided at the moment!

If  you want to get in touch with me, I’d love to hear from you! It’s probably best to hit me up on Twitter (@sstockdale9) where I’m most active or LinkedIn in you want to see me (try and) act a little more professional!

I hope to hear from you soon and thanks once again for visiting!



[Updated 25/06/18]


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