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Buy Low Rent High by Samuel Leeds

buy low rent high

About the Book

As I sit typing this, I’ve got the pleasure of interviewing Russell Leeds tomorrow for my entrepreneurship podcast.

Russell is Samuel’s brother and they’re both tycoons when it comes to property!

Buy Low Rent High packs a real punch for such a short book. It’s choc full of useful property investing strategies, particularly around renting HMOs, and Sam details exactly what he looks for when he’s looking to add to his impressive property portfolio.

(Don’t worry; I didn’t know what HMOs meant either!)

As an introduction into property investing, this book’s a great place to start!


Favourite Passages

  • “‘Don’t wait to buy property. Buy property and wait.'” Chapter 2 – Now is the time to invest in property


  • “The number one question that you should be asking straight away. And that is, ‘what is the rent?!’

The rent on the pretty house in Durham for £110,000 was £400 per month.

The rent on the ugly house in Birmingham for £150,000 was £1,500 per month.”

Chapter 3 – Choosing the right property


  • “The first thing you should look for when deciding what kind of property to buy is one with a high rent. How do you get such a high rent? The easiest way is to rent a property out on a room-by-room basis. This type of property is known as a multi-let or a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO).” Chapter 4 – Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)


  • “I will find a house 15 minutes from any city centre.

I will find a house in good condition.

I will find a house with four lettable rooms.

I will find a house with a trusted power team in the area.

I will find a house less than £100,000.”

Chapter 5 – Professional deal sourcing


Star Rating:


Sam’s record speaks for itself when it comes to property investing!

He clearly knows his stuff and Buy Low Rent High exemplifies this. He lays out lots of great strategies, and for a little under £4, you can pick up a TON of useful information in this.

Highly recommend!


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