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The Podcast Playbook by Jordan Paris

the podcast playbook

About the Book

My aim for 2020 is to have a #1 ranked podcast in Apple Podcasts.

Because of this, I’ve been reading a lot of resources around podcasting and how to become a better podcaster.

Hence why I’ve turned to Jordan…

Jordan Paris is the host of Growth Mindset University: an entrepreneurship podcast which has featured the likes of James Altucher, Mark Manson and many others.

In short, he knows his stuff!

This is exemplified in this fantastic, bite-size podcasting playbook!

In it, Jordan covers everything from how to become a better interviewer; email templates to land big guests; a detailed breakdown of equipment you may need; content roadmaps; and so, SO much more!

Jordan, you have FAR exceeded my expectations with this!


Favourite Passages

  • “Once you get the heart, you can go to the head. Once you get the heart and the head, then you have the path to the soul.” Chapter 3: How to Interview


  • “So, for the best interview, stay true to yourself.”  Chapter 3: How to Interview


  • “The little practical thing could do is make sure you’re not asking them [big guests] to share your show. Instead, share with them how your show is impacting the audience that you already have.” Chapter 5: Needy is Creepy


  • “… no matter how successful you are, it is more impactful when the other person realises it for themselves as opposed to hearing you or I brag about it.” Chapter 7: Market like a Champ


Star Rating


I only have positive things to say about this 112 page book. If you’re looking to get into podcasting but you’re not sure where to go, The Podcast Playbook is a fantastic place to start!

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