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The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

the daily stoic

About the Book

If you’re a fan of Stoicism, you’ll love this!

Designed in a way to be read once a day, Holiday’s book is choc full of insights and worldly wisdom from some of history’s greatest Stoic philosophers, including Seneca and Marcus Aurelius.

For quotes which are a little hard to untangle, Holiday’s two cents are timely and equally insightful.

It’s not a book, per say, but more a bible which you can turn to whenever, wherever, for a little dose of Stoic perception!


Favourite Passages:

  • “If you give things more time and energy than they deserve, they’re no longer lesser things. You’ve made them important by the life you’ve spent on them. And sadly, you’ve made the important things – your family, your health, your true commitments – less so as a result of what you’ve stolen from them.” August 22nd


  • “Watching other people succeed is one of the toughest things to do – especially if we are not doing well ourselves. In our hunter-gatherer minds, we suspect that life is a zero-sum game – that for someone to have more means that we might end up with less.// But like all parts of philosophy, empathy and selfishness are a matter of practice.” October 6th


  • “… the straight-forward and good person should be like a smelly goat – you know when they are in the room with you.” October 11th


  • “They [soldiers about to be deployed] get their affairs in order. They handle their business. They tell their children or their family that they love them. They don’t have time for quarreling or petty matters. And then in the morning they are ready to go – hoping to come back in one piece but prepared for the possibility that they might not.// Let us live today that way.” December 1st


  • “We may claw and fight and work to own things, but those things can be taken away in a second. The same goes for other things we like to think are ‘ours’ but are equally precarious: our status, our physical health or strength, our relationships. How can these really be ours if something other than us – fate, bad luck, death, and so on – can dispossess us of them without notice?// So what do we own? Just our lives – and not for long.” December 4th


  • “Many times an old man has no other evidence besides his age to prove he has lived a long time.” Seneca, December 21st


Star Rating


Holiday just doesn’t do bad books!

The Daily Stoic is certainly up there with Ego is The Enemy and one which I’ll be referring to time and time again.

Highly recommend, particularly if you’re interested in learning more about Stoic philosophy!


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