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I Am Enough by Marisa Peer

i am enough

About the Book

I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest; what else do we have to go by?!

When you’re buying a book on a whim, the cover is arguably THE most important thing!

That’s why I’m glad I was recommended this book by my therapist. Honestly, I’m not sure I would have bought it otherwise!

I’m so incredibly glad that I did though!! It’s choc full of soooo many fantastic tips, and just as importantly, there are plenty of really practical lessons you can take away.

Marisa also covers some fairly uncharted waters around sex which is SUPER interesting!

Here are just some of my favourite passages…


Favourite Passages

  • “Examining how babies behave in certain circumstances where adults struggle is instructive in so many ways. The reason for this is that babies still have something we were all born with, but often lose: the birthright of confidence… They don’t create false realities, project about what the future will bring, or feel fearful of things that haven’t happened yet… They simply judge their feelings by exactly what’s happening to them in the present moment.” Chapter 2: Why Babies Aren’t Afraid of Flying


  • “It’s so simple yet true. Everything you feel is the result of just two things: The pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself.” Chapter 2: Why Babies Aren’t Afraid of Flying


  • “I’ve worked with so many highly successful people and one thing I notice about them is that they are very willing to tell you out loud, without hesitation, what they are good at. This is because praise and self-confidence are so familiar to them they don’t find it uncomfortable to say out loud what they excel at.” Chapter 3: Why You Don’t Want to be a Lottery Winner


  • “The fact that a minty flavour was added to toothpaste at all was an accident. It wasn’t meant to leave users feeling minty fresh, but rather help the product last longer on the shelves.” Chapter 4: To Be Successful, Do This First


  • “You should really begin to think of your mind as a goal-seeking laser. Just as it listens to the words and pictures you tell yourself to inform how it thinks, it also loves to have concrete goals to work towards. The more specific you can make these, the better.” Chapter 5: There Are No Shortcuts – But There is One Guarantee


  • “Praising yourself holds tremendous power that the world’s most successful people all employ as a tool… You don’t have to wait for others to praise you to feel good about yourself. Praise yourself today and every day.” Chapter 9: Criticism Withers; Praise Builds


  • “A great relationship requires three things: sexual chemistry, best-friend chemistry and a deep respect for each other.” Chapter 11: Building a Loving Relationship Starts With Yourself


  • “Great sex, and particularly erotic sex, needs and requires mystery, drama, thrill, surprise, suspense, the unknown, and even some risk.” Chapter 11: Building a Loving Relationship Starts With Yourself


Star Rating:


This is undoubtedly one of the best self-development books I’ve read all year!

There are so many things I could have picked out for the above, and the idea of being able to praise yourself so that you don’t have to depend on the affection of others isn’t something I’ve ever thought about before.

Thank you Marisa and I can safely say this is one of those books I’ll be coming back to time and time again! Highly recommend!!

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