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Reaching Millions! The PR & Publicity Bible by Sunny Bird and Lizzie McManus

reaching millions

About the Book

With over 20 years in the industry, Sunny and Lizzie know their stuff, and their collective credibility shines through in this fantastic little book!

I blitzed through it in one sitting and wrote reams and reams of notes! I love the fact files and real-world examples which are handily dotted throughout, and to say it’s a publicity bible really isn’t a leap too far!

Here are just some of my favourite passages…


Favourite Passages

  • “One of the benefits of PR that I didn’t appreciate before working with Sunny was the leverage that coverage would get us when it came to listing with new stockists. Every meeting we had with new potential stockists for our product, the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring, we took a coverage book with us (suggested and prepared by the Sunny Bird PR team.) The coverage book included every feature and article that had been written about the product.” Chapter 1: To PR or not to PR


  • “So, how are you going to come up with your key messages? This involves thinking clearly about your business from all angles. It’s not enough to talk about having a ‘low price point’ or being ‘top quality’ – these are empty, wishy-washy terms. You need to dig deeper and look at your business honestly…//

—– Location – is there anything special about your site, and its geographical proximity to your customer? Can you offer one-to-one service or on-site work?

—– Unique features – or extra services

—– Back story – do you have an incredible personal back story? Does your personality shine through and make you a joy to work with? Are you an authority in your industry?

—– History or provenance – even a new business might claim a product has heritage. Can you talk about ‘locally sourced’ or ‘artisan techniques’?

—– Customer service – do you offer a fast turnaround? Do you give your customer the VIP treatment in any way?

—– Specialisation – is your business niche? Do you focus on a tiny part of the market or solve only specific types of problems?

—– Proof – do you have any statistical proof that your product or service works better than others? Have you won industry awards? Do you have rave reviews or glowing testimonials? Chapter 2: What Makes You Unique?


  • “National and international awareness days exist for almost any topic or item you can think of from ‘National Popcorn Day’ to ‘British Science Week’ to ‘National Bed Month’ – websites such as have a full list.” Chapter 6: No News


  • “Due to the nature of the brand being fun and light-hearted, a fake news story was created around ‘unusual scents’ to generate column inches about the brand. The client created a fake, limited-edition smoky bacon shower gel. An image of the packaging was mocked up based on the existing range, this achieved national coverage in the press including a spread in The Daily Mirror to coincide with Father’s Day. The product was never developed, the website listed it as sold out but many consumers looking for a quirky Father’s day gift then purchased an alternative existing scent.” Chapter 6: No News


  • How did you get in touch with Amanda [Holden] and Holly [Willoughby]? I hate cold-calling so I emailed their agents explaining a little about my jewellery and why I felt they might like it. I attached some images of specific pieces I’d picked out and asked if each of them would be interested in a personalised piece.” Chapter 8: Celebrity Appeal


  • “… industry insiders predict that the next social media platform will be a podcasting platform where listeners can interact with the podcast host or interviewees. Bets are on Spotify to win that race and take market share from Apple iTunes.” Chapter 9: The Power of You


Star Rating:


For any PR or publicity needs, look no further. This book has it all!

Highly recommend!

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