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Podcast Launch by John Lee Dumas

podcast launch


About the Book

For $3 off Amazon, you really can’t go wrong!

What’s more, John knows what he’s talking about. Entrepreneur on Fire is one of the most successful business podcasts on iTunes of all time, and it currently brings in over $100,000 a MONTH in revenue.

Here are just a few of the passages that really struck me.


Favourite Passages

  • “I had to find to a mentor… Much to my delight (and relief), the contents of her email stated that she thought my vision was an attainable, albeit demanding, goal. She agreed to mentor me during the critical ‘platform building’ stage, and she let me know focus #1 was to attend Blogworld in NYC so I could rub elbows with those who would surely be my initial interviewees.” Building the Platform


  • “I have found that at 60 seconds, you should be diving into your main content. You can go a little longer with the outro since people who are sticking around after you have concluded the main part of the episode obviously still have some interest in what you have to say.” Chapter 4: Intros and Outros


  • “To be featured in the New and Noteworthy section [of iTunes], you need to: 1. Have a podcast that has been released within the last 8 weeks. 2. Have a large enough subscriber base. 3. Have a substantial amount of downloads. 4. Have a growing number of 5-star ratings and reviews.” Chapter 7: Launching your podcast right


  • “Before you launch, have at least three shows completed, and publish all three at the SAME time. Almost every show launches with one measly episode. This is a huge mistake for a number of reasons…” Chapter 7: Launching your podcast right


Star Rating:


Short, punchy and packed full of good tips, Podcast Launch is a great place to start for anyone looking to launch a podcast the right way. My only wish is that I read it sooner!

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