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You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

you are a badass

About the Book

A couple of weekends ago, I was in self-help overdrive.

I’d just finished reading The Gifts of Imperfection and I couldn’t wait for my next fix!

After referring back to my list of unread books that have been recommended to me, this one jumped out.

Despite it’s somewhat cringy title, You are a Badass is full to the brim of useful tips and practical exercises, particularly around developing a belief in ‘The Universe’.

What’s even more refreshing is how relatable Jen’s work is. There’s no over-the-top psychology jargon and the occasional swear definitely isn’t a bad thing!

Here are just some of my favourite takeaways:


Favourite Passages:

  • “You need to raise your frequency to match the vibration of the one you want to tune into.” Chapter 2 – The G Word


  • “Think of it like electricity. Before the invention of the light bulb, most people weren’t aware of electricity’s existence. It was still here, exactly the same way as it is now, but we hadn’t yet woken up to it. It took the invention of the light bulb to bring it to our attention. We had to understand how to manifest it into our reality.” Chapter 3 – Present as a Pigeon


  • “Instead, try seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who admires you. They get it. They believe in you leaps and bounds. They aren’t connected to your insecurities and negative beliefs about yourself. All they see if your true glory and potential. Become one of your own die-hard fans, look at yourself from the outside, where all your self doubts can’t crawl all over you, and behold what shines through.” Chapter 5 – Self Perception is a Zoo


  • “What other people think about you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.” Chapter 7 – I Know You Are But What Am I?


  • “No matter what it is – raising your prices or raising your children – if you do the absolute best you possibly can, and come from a place of integrity, then you can be proud of yourself and not give a damn what anyone else thinks.” Chapter 7 – I Know You Are But What Am I?


  • “Find a mentor or a hero or a role model. Get clear on why this person is impressive and inspiring to you, and when faced with a challenge that leaves you guessing how to react, ask yourself, What would my hero do? // Not caring what others think is a muscle that can take some time to build up, so use this trick while you’re still getting strong, and before you know it, you’ll be able to ditch your hero and start asking yourself, What would I do?” Chapter 7 – I Know You Are But What Am I?


  • “Whenever anything excellent or mediocre or lame or annoying happens to you, meet it with the statement, ‘This is good because…’ and fill in the blank. Once you make this a regular practice, you’ll see how much easier to is to be in gratitude for much more than you realised.” Chapter 14 – Gratitude: The Gateway Drug to Happiness


  • “Time spent enjoying yourself is never time wasted.” Chapter 16 – Loosen your bone, Wilma


  • “What you choose to focus on becomes your reality.” Chapter 17 – It’s so easy once you figure out it isn’t hard


  • “Stop talking about how busy you are. Focus on what you enjoy about what you do and the spaces in between the doing instead of feeling weighed down by it all. Decide that you live an awesome, relaxed life full of interesting projects that you love doing and communicate that to the world and yourself. And then go out and merrily do it.” Chapter 19 – The Drama of Overwhelm


  • “If people are annoying in a way that as nothing to do with us, we either don’t notice it or we don’t get hung up on it. For example, say there’s someone in your life who you find to be an insufferable know-it-all. Every time you open your mouth to talk about something you did, she says she’s already done it. Anything you know, she already knows. And knows much more about… While you find yourself entertaining fantasies about putting her head through the wall every time you’re around her, someone else might be hanging on her every word, unable to get enough of her fascinating and brilliant conversation.” Chapter 21 – Millions of Mirrors


  • “… when you love yourself enough to stand in your truth no matter what the cost, everyone benefits. You start attracting the kinds of things, people, and opportunities, that are in alignment with who you truly are… And by declining to participate in other people’s drama (i.e. refusing to rip people to shreds, to complain about how unfair the world is, etc.) you not only raise your own frequency, but you offer the drama queens the chance to rise up too, instead of everyone continuing to play a low, lame game.” Chapter 21 – Millions of Mirrors


  • “The only failure is quitting. Everything else is just gathering information.” Chapter 23 – The Almighty Decision


  • “Erase the phrase ‘I don’t know,’ from your vocabulary and replace it with ‘I’ll know what to do soon enough.” Chapter 23 – The Almighty Decision


  • “Your faith in The Universe must be stronger than your fear of not getting what you want.” Chapter 25 – Remember to Surrender


What Others Are Saying

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Star Rating:


I got wayyyy more out of this book than I was expecting!

I love Jen’s playful tone, the practical tips and how nicely structured the whole thing is. It doesn’t take itself too seriously either which is something you don’t see a whole let of in the self-improvement arena.

Highly recommend!



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