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Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

start something that matters

About the Book

Blake’s a serial entrepreneur and his story is fascinating!

I could write a synopsis here but that would bore me to tears and you’ll find a much better one somewhere else. In fact, if you’re keen to find out more about this remarkable man after reading the following passages, he features on the How I Built This NPR podcast with Guy Raz which is well worth a listen!

So about the book…

I won’t lie; the first 50 or so pages weren’t anything special. However, once Blake starts detailing steps you should take to start your own business, things get juicy. I was furiously sticking post-its throughout the middle section of this book!

Here are just a few of its highlights.


Favourite Passages:

  • Everyone feels fear in business at some point, but the important thing to remember is that what you fear won’t kill you, at least in business. Those who are successful face up to their fears and create a plan to overcome them.” Chapter 3 – Face Your Fears


  • “No matter what happens, win, lose or draw, never forget that life goes on.” Chapter 3 – Face Your Fears


  • “Rather than let the boat stall, I’d always keep it moving in some direction. A few mistakes will seldom sink the entire ship.” Chapter 3 – Face Your Fears


  • “But I found some effective ways to live with the fear until I could overcome it. First, I remembered to live my story.// I went back to my core question: Why am I doing this? When you go back to your core motivations, you affirm the authenticity of your project, which takes away one of the biggest fears: that you are a fraud. When you live your story, you don’t have to pretend your someone you’re not. You can just be yourself.” Chapter 3 – Face Your Fears


  • “I also made sure to surround myself with interns. The wonderful thing about interns is they are so enthusiastic and new to everything that they don’t waste time being fearful.” Chapter 3 – Face Your Fears


  • “I was spending a lot of time at a coffee shop called Cyberjava, on Holleywood Boulevard, where the waitstaff and I became friendly. I made a deal with them to let me print their address on my business card and start receiving my mail there… As far as the world was concerned, I had an office on Holleywood Boulevard.” Chapter 4 – Be Resourceful Without Resources


  • “The easier it is for someone to understand who you are and what you stand for, the easier it’ll be for that person to spread the word to others.” Chapter 5 – Keep it Simple


  • “Books are different from other possessions – they’re more like friends.” Chapter 5 – Keep it Simple


  • “Now I schedule everything, so that when I’m with a person, I am totally present. I don’t check to see if I need to talk to someone else.” Chapter 5 – Keep it Simple


What Others Are Saying

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Star Rating:


There are some really interesting takeaways here, particularly around conquering fears and building a good company culture. Well worth a read!



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