Scottbar reviewed!

A kind ScottBar review from my friend Tony

Tony's Page!

He’s the affable Yorkshireman taking social media by storm in his quest to get a foothold in the promising animal protein market – 2018 UEA graduate Scott Stockdale sent me some samples of a relatively advanced bake in the taste-testing process of the eponymous new bar he plans to launch soon. Here’s what I thought…

I’ll admit, when I first heard about Scott’s product – cricket protein bars – I did think it was a niche group of sportsmen to appeal to, when you’ve got boxers and gym-goers lapping up protein products right now, but the average Sunday afternoon batsman is as likely to have a nice belly than a nice six-pack. Of course, I soon realised that crickets were in fact the main ingredient! The bar is made from ground up crickets, an ingredient exceptionally high in natural protein, apparently, and baked into a flapjack-type bar.

So… what’s it…

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