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Thirst by Scott Harrison


About the Book

It’s very rare for a book to pack such an emotional uppercut that I’m almost brought to tears.

With Thirst, that’s exactly what happened.

Wow; what can I say? This book is FANTASTIC!

Seriously up there with Sapiens for me.

What I love is Scott’s incredible ability to tell beautiful stories which wrench your heart, with amazing business insights dropped in like truffles waiting to be sniffed out

It’s just so, so good!

What makes it even better is the lack of really quotable lines in this book. What I mean by this is unlike many books written by CEOs, Thirst really is about the stories and not gimmicky soundbites. As a result, you’ve really got to read it to fully appreciate this literary masterpiece!

Having said this, here are some of my favourite, ‘quotable’ takeaways…


Favourite Passages:

  • “Sometimes, when you want something, all you need to do is ask.” – 19 | Better to Beg


  • “Some people like to follow up with leads in three days, a week, or some other time frame they’ve read about in a business book. I mean, you can’t seem too desperate, right? But I’ve always been impulsive, compelled to move right now.” 25 | True Believers


  • “People always ask how we scored so many wins early on and what my process was for turning a no into a yes. Truthfully, the nos stayed no most of the time. No, we don’t have the budget. No, that’s not part of our giving strategy… But I simply asked so many people that eventually I gathered enough yeses to get things done.” 25 | True Believers


  • “I’d been trying to teach our team the anatomy of a pitch – how to tell your personal story, explain why you care, cite past successes for credibility, and invite the person you’re pitching to help – because wouldn’t they want to be part of something this incredible?” 29 | Running on Empty


  • “Vik’s advertising experience had taught her that you never want to appear weak when talking to your customers. It’s better to bend the truth, make it palatable, spin a good story.” 30 | Radical Transparency


  • “‘You’re celebrating the present tense. That’s what EVERYONE else needs to do. Their job is the NOW. Your job [as CEO] is TOMORROW…'” 32 | Totally Undisciplined


  • “‘Mistakes are opportunities. It’s how you handle them that matters the most.'” 36 | With No One Looking Over Your Shoulder


  • “‘A single individual is enough for hope to exist. And that individual can be you. And then there will be another you, and another you, until it turns into an us… and when there is an us – there begins a revolution.'” You Are Invited


What Others Are Saying

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Star Rating:


I haven’t given top marks in a while but Thirst is truly worthy of it. Scott’s story from successful nightclub promoter to non-profit extraordinaire is unbelievable, and I was gripped throughout by his incredible stories.

I can’t recommend this book more highly enough!

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