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The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay-Smith

the million dollar blog


About the Book

I bought this for my mum.

She was getting into blogging, or so I thought. Two years later and she hadn’t even turned the first page.


It had been sat on our bookshelf ever since…

I’ve had a few long train journeys recently though so I figured I’d check it out.

And I’m so happy I did!

The Million Dollar Blog is chock full of useful tips and it’s given me a much needed kick up the bum to get on with my upcoming business venture.

(More details to come soon!)

Natasha clearly knows her stuff and even though most of her advice is targeted at newbies, there are definitely some important reminders for more experienced bloggers.

Here are my favourite passages…


Favourite Passages:

  • “The currencies of our economy now are trust and attention. Blogging for attention doesn’t work if you haven’t earned trust.” Chapter 2 – What is Blogging?


  • “Personal brand pillars:
  1. Your strengths, values and mission
  2. Your image
  3. Your authenticity and trust factor
  4. Your opinions” Chapter 4 – Discover your personal brand


  • “I don’t care if people don’t like who I am. I’ve never seen them in my bank, I don’t see them on my phone. Haters are part of the success equation. If you are going to be successful, you will have haters and critics. If you don’t have haters, you are not successful in your career.” Chapter 5 – Show me the money


  • “[Writing for a blog] is much more conversational so you need to blog pretty much as you talk… it can help to use a dictaphone app on your phone…” Chapter 7 – Content creation


  • “I have a few basic principles when it comes to connecting with influencers the right way.
  1. Always provide value for the influencer
  2. Expect nothing in return
  3. Be polite
  4. Act like a human being” Chapter 8 – Traffic jam


  • “Try to be one of the first to offer your comment or opinion on major industry developments, suggestions as to how the industry as a whole can improve… Set up Google alerts for keywords that relate to your industry and use these news stories for inspiration.” Chapter 10 – Digital footprints


  • “Think about enlisting your readers’ hearts – stories that emphasise our common human experiences and emotions are the ones we remember. We all know what it feels like to be bullied or looked down on, we’ve all felt insecure at some time… When you incorporate stories that knit together experiences we’ve all had, your content will go straight from the eyes to the mind and to the heart…” Chapter 10 – Digital footprints


What Others Are Saying

reviews for the million dollar blog


Star Rating:


I really enjoyed this one and got a lot out of it.

Highly recommend, particularly for new bloggers!




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