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Never Lose A Customer Again by Joey Coleman

never lose a customer again

About the Book

It’s been a little while since my last post because of uni exams…

Apologies for that!

They’re over now, though, and I’ve been able to read for pleasure once more!

The first book I’ve read since the break is an absolute belter.

Never Lose A Customer Again first got my attention on James Altucher’s brilliant podcast with Joey Coleman.

In it, you can sense just how much Joey has to say in the relationship-building, customer-experience space.

There’s one story he tells in particular about dodging speeding tickets which really is fascinating.

In his book, he divulges his wisdom on how to keep customers through his eight-phase plan.

It’s well worth a read, even if you’re not particularly interested in business or customer experience. I can see how a lot of the tips can be useful for person relationships, as well as professional ones.



Favourite Passages:

  • “Customer service is reactive, while customer experience is proactive.” Chapter 5


  • “Creating a physical memento during the Admit stage not only marks the milestone… When structured like the photo offer described above, (it) gives a legitimate reason for ongoing and additional communication from the company after the sales transaction is completed.” Chapter 9 – Phase 2: Admit


  • “Make the required remarkable.” Chapter 10 – Phase 3: Affirm


  • “When you give your customers the opportunity to find and create a community of like-minded people through their interactions with your company, it makes it easy for those customers to continue doing business with you.” Chapter 12 – Phase 5: Acclimate


  • “‘People think it’s sexier to go chase new customer blood. They don’t get it. The magic is pouring on gas to ignite existing relationships…'” Chapter 14 – Phase 7: Adopt


  • “The secret to creating great referral campaigns that get your customers to actively bring you new customers is to incentivise them with something they a) want and b) would have a hard time getting on their own.” Chapter 15 – Phase 8: Advocate


  • “Pay attention to side comments and subtle references in order to learn valuable information. For example, if you’re on a call with a customer and their dog is barking in the background, you may hear them say, “Rover – be quiet!” By following up and saying. “What kind of dog is Rover?” you can enter three useful pieces of information… (1) The customer has a dog, (2) names Rover, that is (3) a German shepherd.” Chapter 16


  • “Surprisingly, there is a bad time to surprise your customers with a gift – anytime around a major holiday. This is when everyone sends gifts and it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Instead, give gifts when no one expects them.” Chapter 16



What Others Are Saying

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Star Rating:


This is a really solid book with plenty of great ideas. Joey brings a lot of value to the table and some of the customer experience stories show how much fun gift-giving can be!

I also really like how applicable the eight phases could be to personal relationships, as well as professional ones. This isn’t made explicit in the book but it’s something Joey notes in Altucher’s podcast.

Check this book out when you get chance!

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