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Influence by Robert Cialdini



About the Book

Ever wondered why canned laughter is used in tv shows?

Or why Sensodyne dentists are actors in disguise?

If you’re thinking yes, this book is definitely for you!

In Influence, Cialdini will open your eyes to a whole new level of understanding.

He deconstructs the weapons of influence (reciprocation, commitment & consistency, social proof, liking, authority and scarcity), and will make you appreciate things you hadn’t even thought about.

It’s brilliant stuff so prepare to be amazed!


Favourite Passages

  • “I was walking down the street when I was approached by an 11 or 12 year old boy. He introduced himself and said he was selling tickets to the annual Boy Scouts circus to be held on the upcoming Saturday night. He asked if I wished to buy any at $5 a piece. Since one of the last places I wanted to spend Saturday evening was with the Boy Scouts, I declined. “Well,” he said, “if you don’t want to buy any tickets, how about buying some of our big chocolate bars? They’re only a dollar each.” I bought a couple and, right away, realised something noteworthy had happened. I knew that to be the case because: (a) I do not like chocolate bars; (b) I do like dollars; (c) I was standing there with two of his chocolate bars; and (d) he was walking away with two of my dollars.” Chapter 2 – Reciprocation


  • “…the strange case of the ‘rectal earache’ reported by Cohen and Davis. A physician ordered ear drops to be administered to the right ear of a patient suffering pain and infection there. But instead of writing out completely the location “right ear” on the prescription, the doctor abbreviated it so that it read “place in R ear.” Upon receiving the prescription, the duty nurse promptly put the required number of ear drops into the patient’s anus.” Chapter 6 – Authority


  • “So I began to linger around Vincent’s tables to observe his style. I quickly learned learned his style was to have no single style. He had a repertoire of them, each ready to be called on under the appropriate circumstances. When the customers were a family, he was effervescent – even slightly clownish – directing his remarks as often to the children as to the adults. With a young couple on a date, he became formal and a bit imperious in an attempt to intimidate the young man (to whom he spoke exclusively) into ordering and tipping lavishly. With an older, married couple, he retained the formality but dropped the superior air in favour of a respectful orientation to both members of the couple. Should the patron be dining alone, Vincent selected a friendly demeanor – cordial, conversational, and warm.// But Vincent reserved the trick of seeming to argue against his own interests for large parties of 8-12 people. Here his technique was veined with genius…” Chapter 6 – Authority


What Others Are Saying About It

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Star Rating


Cialdini really is the Godafather of persuasion.

Therefore, this is an absolute must for marketers.

It’s certainly not just for business types though.

Influence really has something in it for everyone – particularly those interested in human psychology.

Highly recommend!!

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