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The Mind: Tony Robbins

tony robbins


He’s a powerhouse in every sense of the word.

Physically, he’s a mountain at over 2 metres tall.

In business, his numerous companies have combined annual sales of over $5 billion.

Emotionally, he seems to have his s*** together.

I love this guy!

It’s for these reasons I was super excited to listen to a podcast interview he recently took part in with host James Altucher – one of my favourite entrepreneurs!

Here are some of the interesting conversations that arose.


Brain Training


I don’t negotiate with my mind.

I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is jump in a freezing river…

Why do I do that?

It’s great for your health, it moves your lympth…

But I really do it for one other reason:

To train my brain.

When I say “I’m doing something”, there’s no negotiation with myself.

I don’t sit there and go “errrr, I’d like to this and that.”

We do it.

It’s a habit.

I’ve done it for so many years.

I don’t feel like getting into that cold water but I’m always glad that I did it afterwards…

You’ve got to take control of your mind.

We’re the only creatures on the planet that can make ourselves depressed or angry or excited or feeling loving by the thought we think.

We can change our thought and we can change our biochemistry.




If your happiness requires other people to behave the way you want them to behave, what are the chances you’re going to stay happy in your life?

Either you’ve got to limit the number of humans you can control – which isn’t love – or you’re always going to be stressed out.

If you’re going to be happy by you doing the right thing in every moment – well, none of us do the right thing in every moment!

So what I’ve learned to do is say the most important decision in life… is to decide to live in a beautiful state every day no matter what.

In a beautiful state, you will connect with people in a completely different place.

In a beautiful state, your spouse will feel loved.

In a beautiful state, you’re going to have your immune system functioning in a different place…

It’s a habit.


The Mind


When I experience suffering, I feel the tension and say “uhh, the brain’s trying to hijack the mind.”

The mind. Not my mind.

That’s an important distinction.

If I asked you “what are the two most stressful thoughts?”, you’d come up with something.


Going broke and my girlfriend cheating on me.



Now if we asked all your listeners how many of you have ever had the thought you’re never going to make enough money or you’re going to go broke, what percentage do you think have had that fear?





What percentage do you think have thought their girlfriend might leave them or die or cheat on them?


99.9% *laughing*



So those aren’t your thoughts.

Those thoughts have been around forever.

You call them your thoughts and as long as you make them your thoughts, it will be extremely hard for you to separate from them because you’ve identified with them…

Those are ‘the mind’.

If I told you 100 years ago I’d go to the moon and back, you’d call me a lunatic; an idiot. That’s where the term comes from.

If I told you 100 years ago there’s going to be a box you have in your pocket (and) that there’s going to be invisible waves travelling around the Earth, and those invisible waves will come into the box and you can push a button and see and talk with someone, you’d think I was crazy.

Invisible waves of thought have been around for years.




Trade your expectations for appreciation and in that moment, you will change your life…

Billionaires are a dime a dozen.

There’s a new billionaire in the United States every six days.

There’s a new billionaire in China every five days.

You want to know what’s much more unique than a billionaire?

A person who lives in a beautiful state every single day, even when it rains on their parade.

Even when they don’t get what they want.

Even when injustice comes.

That individual has a different life.

That individual’s rich.

I asked Sir John Templeton “what’s the key to wealth?”.

He smiled and said “Tony, I’ll tell you what it is.

“It’s gratitude…”

If you have no money but you’re truly grateful, you’re rich as can be.

I just think that’s the missing ingredient for most people.


I feel that most people know this intellectually but they don’t have the habit.

That’s the problem.



If you enjoyed these snippets, you’ll love the full episode! 

Check it out!

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