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The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz, PhD

the magic of thinking big


About the Book

I was feeling down.

Exams were looming, I wasn’t getting much sleep and having to cram a year’s worth of learning into my head was painful.

It was hard going.

That was the situation last Spring. I needed to get out the rut.

Fortunately, I stumbled on The Magic of Thinking Big.

For me, perhaps the most important lesson it taught was the power of positive thinking. If you’re feeling a little depressed, think about the good stuff; what you’ve got to be grateful for.

It’s a fantastic book!

Having re-read it, here are some of my favourite takeaways…



Favourite Passages:

  • “Just before you go to sleep, deposit good thoughts in your memory bank… Recall the many good things you have to be thankful for… Recall the good things you saw people do today. Recall your little victories and accomplishments. Go over the reasons why you are glad to be alive.” Chapter 3


  • “The other fellow might look frightfully big, frightfully important. But remember, he is still a human being with essentially the same interests, desires and problems as you.” Chapter 3


  • “Then, every Monday evening, I set aside four hours to review the ideas I’ve jotted down and figure out how to put the solid ones to use…// In this four-hour period, I force myself to take a hard look at my operation.” Chapter 5


  • “A leader is a decision-making machines. Now, to manufacture anything, you’ve got to have raw material. In reaching creative decisions, the raw materials are the ideas and suggestions of others. Don’t, of course, expect other people to give you ready-made solutions… Ideas (from) others help to spark your own ideas so your mind is more creative.” Chapter 5


  • “Does your ‘How are you?’ sound interested? When you make a habit of colouring your words with sincere feelings, you’ll notice a great uptake in your ability to hold attention.” Chapter 8


  • “Think right toward people. As a friend of mine expresses it, ‘I may not be very important to him, but he’s important to me. That’s why I’ve got to get to know him.'” Chapter 9



What Others Are Saying:

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Star Rating:


For me, this one’s a home run.

I love the positive vibes it spreads and the countless examples of inspiring stories littered throughout.

The only slight nitpick I have is the number of grammatical mistakes I found. I don’t know if I just picked up a dodgy copy but for some reason, random fullstops and commas appear out of nowhere.

It didn’t make it any harder to read, though, and the content far outweighs any typos!

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