Grabbit Competition Entry

do all thingswith love


Peter wasn’t sure what he wanted from a friend.

Was it love? Was it laughter? Was it knowing they’d always be there for you no matter what?

You see, there was a choice.

He could continue to live alone or he could branch out; make a few friends.

It might upset his dog but there’s a chance it would make him happier.

So he took the plunge. It was time for change.

Then came the dilemma.

As he sat on his sofa and downed a can of coke, something dawned on him. The things he really wanted from a friend were the same things he got from school.

At school, he was made to feel special. He always felt warm too, even in the fall.

If he could just replicate these feelings, he figured he’d be happy.

Suddenly excited, he grabbed a pen and began jotting some ideas.

What made school so special?

For one thing, he loved the mix of people he saw. There were kids from out of town and kids from in town; kids with big cars and kids with bikes; kids with brothers and kids with sisters.

Some kids were always smiling. Some were always upset. Others were sometimes laughing and crying at the same time.

No matter where he looked, where he was or what he was doing, he was in the presence of something.


With diversity, then, he would be happy.

Peter scratched his head. How was he to get this in a friend?

Well, maybe he could make more than one friend?

The thought of that scared Peter. Going from zero to one would be hard enough, let alone to a hundred.

Baby steps.

How about making a friend with lots of interests? That way, I could be introduced to different things and different ideas.

Diversity in one.

Satisfied, Peter moved on. Diversity it was.

What else made me happy at school?

He reached back to that warm, fuzzy feeling. He felt like he belonged somewhere – belonged to something. He was part of something bigger than himself.

He was part of a community.

If he could find a sense of community in a friend, he’d be happy.

Wait a second though, thought Peter. To belong to a community, surely I need more than one friend?

He thought about it some more, pecking away at his sofa.

Then it struck him.

If I was to make a friend and we get close enough, I’ll introduce them to my family and they can introduce me to theirs. Then we’ll both be part of one huge family!

We would create our own community.

Peter was again content. He felt like he was making progress on his journey of discovery.

What next?

He started thinking about those he spoke most to at school.

It certainly wasn’t his teachers. He was a shy kid and hated sticking his hand up. He just felt like he was different from them.

And from the dinner-ladies too.

What about Chloe? He spoke to her a lot and actually quite enjoyed her company. She too was quite shy and only spoke in class when told to.

Come to think of it, he and Chloe were pretty similar. Somehow, he just seemed to know what Chloe was thinking and vice versa.

They could relate to one another.

“That’s it!”

With this breakthrough and all the others, Peter felt amazing. He figured he now knew what he wanted from a friend.

He wanted diversity in his life. He wanted to become part of a big family, And he wanted to be friends with someone he could relate to.

In truth, though, Peter already knew what he wanted.

It’s what he wanted all along.

He picked up his bag, chucked on a coat and danced down the street.

He was going to make a friend.


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