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The Angry Therapist by John Kim

the angry therapist


About the Book

Last month, I read a post John Kim wrote about dating.

It was so true and hard hitting that I immediately searched for more stuff he’d written. This was the book I found.

Truth be told, I was half expecting it to be a compilation of posts he’s previously written.

I was wrong.

What you get instead is what John calls “self-help in a shot glass”. He details some really powerful concepts for finding your own truth, such as taking a stance and being transparent, and I love the visual elements of his ideas, one of which includes building your own container in which you can grow.

Was I disappointed it’s not a compilation piece? Not one bit.

I know this review won’t do it justice. One thing I will say though is you don’t have to feel like your life’s going to the dogs in order to pick up this book. I suspect it could be useful to everyone, even those who’ve got their s*** together.

Let’s be honest though; do they really?!


Favourite Quotes:

  • “When you have nothing to prove, you have the most to give.” Chapter 2


  • “You must stop playing victim. Change your language. Things didn’t happen to you – they happened through you.” Chapter 2


  • “There’s an old parable about not owning or accepting another person’s anger that goes like this: Buddha used to walk into a city market every day and pass a bitter, verbally-abusive guy who would hurl insults at him. Every time the Buddha passed him, he’d simply smile and walk on. This went on for weeks. Finally, one day, the old bitter guy asked Buddha why he endured his insults without reacting. And the Buddha famously replied: ‘If someone gives you a gift and you do not receive it, to whom does the gift belong?'” Chapter 2


  • “There are seven categories of basic needs: Emotional, Spiritual, Sexual, Financial, Physical, Intellectual, and Passion/Purpose.” Chapter 4


  • “It just means that you believe in something greater than yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s God, the universe or aliens. Having this mindset allows us to surrender, accept and let go… It’s much easier to ‘lose’ when you’re on a team than if you’re playing solo.” Chapter 4


  • [The idea of having a top 5] Chapter 4


  • “‘Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.’ – Alphonse Karr.” Chapter 5


  • “Turn your dial from take to give.” Chapter 5


What Others Are Saying About It

reviews for the angry therapist


Star Rating:


As you can probably tell by the number of my favourite quotes, I got a lot out of this book! It gives some really nice ways of getting a fresh perspective on things and for these reasons alone, it gets 5 stars.

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